08 June 2009

Homework for Monday 15th of june - class 3 Mrs Clavel

  1. Learn the meaning of vocabulary on the clothes.
  2. Practise the spelling of the vocabulary on the clothes.

Have a nice Kermesse!

07 June 2009

Class 6 Homework assignment for Tuesday June the 9th and Thursday the 11th 2

1. Please do the exercise for Tuesday which consists in finding the past participles of French verbs and classifying them under the ending "é" "i, is,it" or "u" . To help you can refer to the sheet I gave you last Friday with the list of verbs and their past participle form.

2.For Thursday 11th of June Write out descriptions for the crazy objects and write out your own invention.

3. Please edit your test where needed and bring in for Tuesday the Biography of your favorite author and your paragraph about his life ( Homework due 10 days ago). We will share this work in class.

27 May 2009

Devoirs classe 3 Mme Clavel - Pour jeudi 4 juin 2009

  1. learn the vocabulary on the adjectives and opposites
  2. don't forget to bring back your library book and your French folder.

Have a nice weekend.

Year 6 Mitchell**

The Year 6 Students are currently working on:

the Passé Composé and learning to distinguish between tenses in text, and also being introduced to the future with ALLER

we are also looking at student led questions as they come up in discussions and these have included:

possessive adjectives: mon, ma, mes
de/ du/ a/ aux
as well as still working out the differences between P.C verbs which require etre, and those with avoir

The results of the last quiz were generally very strong and we are seeing integration of this knowledge in class (which is far more important than the quiz for true assessment).

We have been very, very lucky to have been given access to an assistant on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the students are now working in two smaller groups. This has allowed for far more personal attention and the time to answer individual questions more thoroughly. Our assistant is Madame Chalumeaux who is an exceptional language teacher (German and French) and who speaks fluent English, so please encourage your students to take full advantage of the smaller group settings.

In general, the class is working better than ever and deserve serious congratulations for staying focused through the heat. It is wonderful to see this class taking off! Let's hope it is a postive indication of what they will be capable of in secondary.